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Trailer Park War Is Over Yet The Anger And Divide Continues

Dear Editor:


How can so many people, all wanting the same thing, generate so much animosity?


The trailer park issue has managed to polarize Water Valley even more than it was before.


A waste and a shame.


This was the perfect time for us to realize how much we have in common. It has become, instead, a series of attack and defend positions.


There is no villain and no hero.


A group of businessmen made a business decision without consideration of the people who  have to live with their decision. Thoughtless but not malicious.


The mayor and board are enforcing the ordinances they have available to them. You cannot ask, or expect, more than that. They’re doing their job. And the result is a great compromise as I understand it.


Now the entire resolution rests with Cayce Washington and Lee McMinn and the Board of Supervisors. There are many ways to ensure a good resolution—a buffer, a zoning plan, a moratorium until the zoning plan is adopted.


The war is over, we’ve won and yet the anger and divide continues.


Wake up Water Valley. If we can’t even celebrate our wins together, we’ll go from issue to issue at each other’s throats.


The vitriol in America that’s been stewing for the last decade is bubbling over at an alarming rate all over the country. Not every disagreement has to a cause. 

We can have individual  likes/dislikes without becoming militant. Acceptance/rejection of people, businesses, causes can and should be personal choices. We should be able to make our decisions without being at the mercy of groups who are offended by our choices.


Water Valley is home to so many wonderful, talented, and good  people.


Let’s get along.

/s/ Anne Burke

Blount Street

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