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Ordinance Enforcement, County Planning Is Essential

Dear Editor,

Respectfully, I must disagree with last week’s letter that the “war” about the trailer park is over.  I am unaware of any notification from Golden Wing, LLC that they have decided NOT to move forward.  So until we know that they have opted not to move forward, this is an issue that requires our attention.    

During the Board of Aldermen meeting on February 7th, the mayor made numerous references to the 2006 Zoning and Development Ordinance.  However, the lack of enforcement by the city on issues included in the ordinance was also part of the discussion.  

The example that came up was related to burned and abandoned structures in our community. The mayor noted that the ordinance requires these properties to be addressed within six months of the event that made the property nonconforming.  But drive around town and it’s not hard to find structures that burned years ago but are still standing.  

Is this part of the ordinance being enforced? The true test of the city’s commitment to enforcement begins if and when Golden Wing moves additional trailers onto land within the city limits 

And with the majority of the parcel being located in the county, it is important that the Board of Supervisors move as quickly as possible to 1) implement requirements of subdivision development and 2) contract with a consulting firm to develop and implement a comprehensive plan for land use.  

With Oxford becoming more congested and unaffordable each day, growth is coming to Yalobusha County and we need to be proactive in how we deal with that growth.

Since Golden Wing was unable to actualize this project in Lafayette County, their decision to attempt it in our neighborhood might not have been “malicious.” But it was definitely opportunistic (defined as “exploiting opportunities with little regard to principal or consequences”).  

Growth should not be driven by opportunistic entities but by those that are committed to smart, sustainable approaches that improve the quality of all of our communities.  

Charlotte Lane

Market Street

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