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Veteran Seeks Buglers To Honor Veterans At Military Funerals

Sadly, most deceased Veterans (people who have given, offered and risked their life for this Country) today get a recording of Taps due to military shortages. 

Bugles Across America, NFP was founded in 2000 by Tom Day, when Congress passed legislation stating that Veterans have a right to at least two uniformed military people to fold the flag and play Taps on a CD player. Bugles Across America was founded to take this a step further. In recognition of the service these Veterans have provided to their country, we felt that they each deserve a live rendition of Taps by a real bugler. To this end, we are actively seeking capable volunteers to provide this valuable service to Veterans and their families. 

Bugles Across America now has over 4000 bugler volunteers located in all 50 states and growing number overseas. Since the Department of Veterans Affairs is expecting more than a half-million veterans to pass every year for the next seven years, Bugles Across America is ALWAYS recruiting new volunteers.  

Bugler volunteers can be male or female. They can play a traditional bugle with no valves, or they can complete the ceremony on a trumpet, cornet, flugelhorn, or a 1, 2 or 3-valved bugle. The bugler can be of any age as long as they can sound Taps with an ease and style that will do honor to both the Veterans, their families, and the burial detail performing the service. There are no fees or dues to participate as a volunteer, although there are certain directives that must be followed. The bugler service is provided free of charge to all that request it. Bugles Across America is a totally volunteer program and receives NO government financial help.

Veterans have always stepped up and answered the call for our Country. Bugles Across America needs more horn players in the Water Valley/Mid-South area to answer the call for our fallen heroes. A bugle, trumpet, cornet, or flugelhorn with heart and soul can add a lot of honor to a grieving family for their fallen hero. 

Will you answer the call?

You can join Bugles Across America by filling out a request for an audition:





David A. Dodson

United States Air Force Veteran

Bugles Across America Bugler


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