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Yalobusha County Arrest Log

Yalobusha County Detention Center Arrest Log

This is a list taken from the log at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. A name listed does not indicate that a person is guilty of the crime with which they are charged, only that the person has been taken to and processed at the facility.

The following arrests were logged at the jail from April 11 until April 25.

• Kandren Shaw–Auto Burglary, Bond Surrender — Hold for Water Valley PD;

• Markavious Kincade — Circuit Court Bench Warrant;

• Archie Rucker — Conspiracy, Credit Card Fraud;

•Justin Winters —Domestic Violence;

• Schomarry Jones —Serving 48 Hrs. —Coffeeville PD;

• Noah Fondon — Disorderly Conduct, Public Drunk—Water Valley PD;

• Scott Lexa — Public Drunk;

• Mona Bowles —Public Drunk;

• Corey Sims — Serving 6 Months;

• James Brown — No driver’s license — MDOT Enforcement;

• James Murray —Public Drunk —Water Valley PD;

• James Keel —Hold for Court;

• James Campbell —Disorderly Conduct (Physical Menace);

• Terry St. Roman —Auto Burglary, Trespass-ing, Petit Larceny—Water Valley PD; 

• Ivan Yannick — DUI Other — MHP;

• John Hughes — Hold for Kentucky.

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