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Citizen Says Ordinance Not Needed In The County


  The last thing we need is an ordinance in our county. Because it’s one of the worst things that can happen to a county, the next thing the county officials will do is tell the property owners what size and kind of house they can build on their own property. The reason I know this is I have a sister and if something happens to her, or her husband, her whole family cannot go to her house to stay because of the ordinance of the town. They are only allowed to have four vehicles in their yard at a time.

  If the supervisors pass the ordinance, the property owners of the county need to get a petition up so the property owners can vote on any ordinance that effects the property. The supervisors continue to hire consultants to evaluate and write the ordinance but every time you go to one of these supervisors, they say the county does not have the money to fix roads in the county. The supervisors should go by the way I was taught —that if the money is not in the jar you can’t take it out.

  As far as I am concerned, a land owner should be able to put anything he wants to as far as a home. The trailer park is needed, not only for housing but for the property taxes for the county. The trailers will be in better  shape than what I was raised in because I could look through the walls and see the chickens under the house. When my parents got the money they put siding on the house and flooring. 

  I know for a fact that FEMA was started for a good reason, but has gotten out of hand because a landowner can not build a home on your own property that has never flooded but is in a flood zone. 

  I have worked for WalMart for 17 and a half years. When the trucks are turned over the entire truck and load is turned over to the insurance company on the spot. I know this because I owned my own truck and hauled loads for Walmart out of the DC (distribution center) in New Albany. If Water Valley had had some leadership 25 years ago when WalMart wanted to build the DC in Water Valley, I would not be driving 48 miles to work each day. Had Water Valley allowed the DC to come into the town we would have another 1,200 jobs, plus tax revenue.

  One thing about WalMart is they will hire handicapped individuals and don’t take advantage of them because they have an employee in Mayfield, Kentucky who has worked for WalMart for 17 years with only one arm. I talked to him and asked what kind of salary he made and he’s making more than double the minimum wage at $18 an hour. The guy in Kentucky is not the only handicapped person that I  have spoken to and confirmed what they’re making an hour.

  With that being said, Mr. Mickey Howley can leave Wal-Mart alone unless he knows what he is talking about.

/s/ John Potts

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