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Change Will Come When People Realize Their Votes Count

Letter to the Editor:

  I am disturbed by the lack of voter participation in  the recent election in Water Valley for mayor and aldermen. The election was important and will decide what kind of town we and our children will live in for years to come.

  Issues of affordable housing, youth develop-ment,employment, environmental concerns, and city infrastructure were discussed by the candidates during the recent campaign.

  However, less than a third of eligible voters participated in this year’s election and expressed that their vote would not make a difference. Sadly, some people said they do not participate in elections and had never voted.

  I spoke with citizens who felt that Water Valley politicians simply didn’t seem to care about the whole community. Yet, everyone stated that changes are needed in Water Valley.

  Change will only begin when people realize that their vote does count. And their civic participation’s powerful and makes a difference. I urge those who want change to attend city council meetings, contact their alderman with neighborhood concerns and challenge the mayor on decisions about Water Valley’s future.

  Those who did not vote, get on board, get registered, get involved. Vote, help bring change and make Water Valley a better place for all residents.

  /s/Sandra Johnson

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