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Yalobusha County Arrest Log

This is a list taken from the log at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. A name listed does not indicate that a person is guilty of the crime with which they are charged, only that the person has been taken to and processed at the facility.

The following arrests were logged at the jail from August 22, 2017-August 29, 2017.


• Terry Gray—Burglary, petit larceny—hold for Lafayette County Sheriff’s Dept.;


 • Eric Stacy—Burglary, petit larceny—Hold for Lafayette County Sheriff’s Dept.;


• Lakendrick Hervey—Bench Warrant;


• Scott Lexa—Domestic violence—Water Valley Police Department;


•Joe Exson—Hold for Shelby County Sheriff’s Dept. (Memphis);


• Timothy Thomas—Possession of Meth, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept.;


• Robert Thomas—Possession of Meth, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept.—Hold for MDOC;


• Cartier Green—Hold for Circuit Court;


• Carl Pritchard—MDOC parole violation;


• Timothy Gray—Burglary, petit larceny—Hold for Lafayette County Sheriff’s Dept.;


• Martini Moore—Leaving the scene of accident—Mississippi Highway Patrol;


• Kaleb Garrett—No drivers license—Oakland Police Department;


• Joshua Littlejohn—Fail to pay warrant—Hold for Grenada PD—Oakland Police Department;


• Kesner Spencer—Possession of paraphernalia, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept.;


• Tyrowone Kimble—Serving weekends—Coffee-ville Police Department;


• John Harden—Public drunk, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept.;


• Carl Pritchard—Domestic violence—Water Valley Police Department;


• Sara Chrestman—Breaking and entering, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept.


• Gage Moss—Possession of Meth w/intent, Yalobusha County Sheriff’s Dept. —Hold for Oxford PD;


• Issac Benson—Public drunk, public profanity, simple assault—Hold for MDOC;


• Robert Reid—Serving 2 days—Water Valley Police Department; 


• Henry Carderella—Serve 2 Days—MDOC.

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