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Maxx South Problems Frustrate Customer

Letter to Editor:

Subject: Maxx South, Water Valley T.V. Cable Provider


Maxx South Television provider to Water Valley has systematically taken Mem-phis television stations off our cable selection system. Over a short period of time, they have eliminated Channels #3, #8.5, and #13 from our programming, that’s ABC, NBC and CBS out of Memphis. Maxx South stated that it is a money issue for them, but they have not reduced our Water Valley monthly payments for less channel service.


For your information, Oxford still receives all three channels! When asked about this, Maxx South states that Water Valley is in the Columbus/Tupelo District and Oxford is not…what a convenient answer. When we have cable problems the technicians come from Oxford, not Columbus or Tupelo.


When the weather changes be it rain, thunder storm, or weather turning from summer to winter, I have T.V. cable problems. I lose channels or T.V. reception completely. The technicians come and repair the same location problem over and over, working on old equipment. Maxx South does not install new equipment, but tries to repair the old equipment over and over again. 

I lost channels Sunday night, when contacted, Maxx South stated they would have a technician come and check the problem Thursday (four days later). It is my feeling that Water Valley Cable T.V. problems are not very high on Maxx South’s work priority list.


 If anyone else in Water Valley is experiencing my Maxx South problems, please take the time to contact the following: 

(1) Maxx South Office in Oxford, not Booneville and speak with the manager; 

(2) Mr. Brandon Presley, Public Service Commissio-ner, and: 

(3) the Water Valley Mayor and Board of Aldermen. Remember the old saying, “The squeaking wheel gets the oil.” 

Perhaps Maxx South management would like to attend a city board meeting!!!



  /s/ Bobby Cox

  Concerned Citizen

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