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Students’ Kindness Speaks Volumes

Letter To The Editor,

I would like very much to express to the Water Valley High School my sincere thanks for adopting Dickinson, Texas High School as the recipient of donated school supplies in the wake of the devastation of Hurricane Harvey.

For a group of young people that spent hours of their time collecting and gathering these much needed items for other students that they will never know or meet speaks volumes of the the kind of caring young people Water Valley parents have raised in their children.

I would like to say on a personal note, I was raised in Water Valley myself and attended school there and still, to this day, call it home. To the students of WVHS, what you are doing has touched my heart.

My youngest son and his family live in Dickinson and I can tell you first hand that this town suffered greatly during Harvey. I’m sure every student there will be grateful to you for your efforts, and even though my little granddaughter is only two, she will one day be part of Dickinson’s school system, and maybe teachers will speak of Hurricane Harvey and tell them of the humanity of a small little school in Water Valley, MS with a great heart and their generous acts of kindness.

Linda Eubanks Nunnally,

El Dorado, AR.

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