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Do We Want WV To Be A Home Or A Destination?



The new mayoral contest provides us with the opportunity to reflect on what  kind of town we want to have. In part the question might be, do we want Water Valley to be a home or  a destination.


For instance in the current paper, I see that Mr. Warren, if he gets assurances that beer may flow and music blow, wants to bus in fraternity boys and sorority girls to party on Main Street in Water Valley at his proposed establishment. He gives a figure of providing 70 jobs, which seems a little high, but more than that, I consider the jobs such crowds provide some of my friends in Oxford; cleaning up the trash, vomit and urine downtown in time for the churchgoers to attend services unbefouled.


I am also concerned that following the success of said establishment that other students (a group not known for their affection for mass transit) will elect to drive here for entertainment and then get back in the same vehicles full of beer, sans food and attempt to find their way back to Oxford through our intersections and across our lawns. 


Years ago I worked in bars and frequented bars. I think they are wonderful things.  But like shooting ranges, there is a time and a place for everything.



Art Boone

130 Camp Ground Road

Water Valley, MS

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