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Main Street Association Includes Locals And Newcomers Who Care About This Town

I read last week’s “letters to the editor “and felt depressed.  There seems to be so much division and misunderstanding in our town right now. It’s like a microcosm of what’s happening throughout the country.

I moved  to Water Valley with my husband nine and a half years ago from New Orleans. 

When I first moved here I thought the  town was very pretty but needed a little boost.

The downtown had many empty store fronts and some of the old buildings were in major need of repair.

After 6 p.m. downtown was pretty empty except for the Mexican restaurant. I wondered if we’d made the wrong decision.  But here we are nine years later.

In the time I’ve lived here I have seen some very good changes: restored old buildings, a selection of nice little restaurants, art galleries and businesses. We have a computer school where students receive a full scholarship for one year and are guaranteed a well-paying  job because of the specifics of the program.

The yearly Art Crawl  has brought a lot of positive attention to Water Valley. The Chamber of Commerce sponsors a yearly  Tour of  Homes, show-casing historic houses throughout  the town.

Young couples from both Water Valley and elsewhere are buying homes and investing in our town.  They’re proud of all the changes. It makes life pleasant  and more interesting for their families.

I’ve heard people complain about the Main Street Association. Comments like

“What has The Main Street Association done for the rest of Water Valley?” The Main Street Association is run by both locals and newcomers of ALL ages who care about the future of this town.

I’ve heard people make mean assumptions about people without knowing who they really are and what they do.  I’ve heard A LOT of  fear regarding CHANGE..which is normal.

People say they want more industry here. I agree By making the downtown an attractive, viable area helps to bring in other businesses.  You have to start somewhere.

Look around at some of the nearby small towns …

They look like sad ghost towns. The store fronts are empty, crime goes up, education takes a dive and people leave their hometowns out of disgust, apathy and lack of opportunity.  

So I ask you – try to get to know your neighbors. Don’t make assumptions out of fear. Talk to one another.You might find out you have more in common than you think.

And remember…change is just a part of life. 

Pati D’Amico

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