Simmering Issues Emerge In Mayor’s Race

To the Editor:


Our mayoral race is bringing out simmering issues, as it should I guess.


 We citizens who on one hand may prefer Water Valley to be an increasingly expensive mini-Oxford, while  others would build walls all around us and expel those they would deem unworthy. Not surprising this is a good time for the boutique and the wall building businesses. Both are short term fixes.


Personally, I am for slow growth as long as it doesn’t force people out of town and I welcome gay folks, as long as they are not building condos. And of course, I think we need jobs that are not dependent on our local beauty and charm.


While we may all like to have a mayor who would push our personal agenda, we must remember that the mayor represents us all. And doing so in the midst of such wide-ranging debates, what we truly need is a mayor who can listen and bring us together, from every street and neighborhood.


What luck, he’s already the Alderman at Large, Donald Gray. He has the experience, history and character that the whole town needs and brings a seamless transition to boot.


 Art Boone, Water Valley

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