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Older Generation Should Teach Youth

Letter to Editor:

Self Conflicts


Sometimes people hear only what they want to hear, some people see what they want to see, and they  believe in what they want to believe. Too many people trust in self and not God.


Let us always consider that our children are our future; without them there will be no future. The older generation is dying, fading away. The younger generation is weaker and wiser; so older generation let’s teach them well, so they can be our future leaders of tomorrow.

Younger generation, let’s always remember where we came from, and follow our dreams. Reach for the sky, because the sky is the limit! Let’s take care of our future for tomorrow is not promised to us.


 Older generation, let’s take care of our future with teaching. 


Younger generation, all you have to do is listen and receive what your elders are teaching. Seeing, believing, and hearing are self-conflicts!

/s/Mary Philips

Member of Martin Street Church of Christ

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