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Some Women Are Not ‘Victims’ In Sexual Advances

To the editor:

Before we drag all the men out to the city gates and stone them  for their sins, let’s step outside the politically correct box and make a stab at being fair.

Some women learn early on that you catch more flies with honey than vinegar and apply that old axiom to the job market. I’ve been in the work force for 50  years and have seen firsthand lots of women use their considerable “assets” to promote themselves.  I’ve seen this in banks, law offices, city halls, hospitals and doctors’ offices.  


While there are plenty of bona fide situations where a woman is unable to fend off unprovoked sexual  advances   (I can hear the pc correct feminists screaming from here – but of course they love to have something to scream about since it reinforces their “victim” mentality), let’s give due process a chance. 

Now that some sunlight has been focused on the scene, they’ll be lots of cockroaches to catch as they scurry for cover.  

Look at the whole picture.

Anne Cavanaugh Burke

Biloxi/Water Valley, MS

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