Moving To The Valley For Retirement Did Not Disappoint

Dear Editor:

After buying land in Water Valley almost twenty years ago for an eventual retirement, my husband and I were prepared to move to a small quiet Mississippi town. Living within the city limits, but across the highway, we are not disappointed.


We are also not disappointed coming into town. My husband’s early childhood memories involve a visit to a hospital in Water Valley after getting a fishhook stuck  in his finger at Enid and being rewarded afterwards with an ice cream cone at Turnage’s. Thankfully both remain and are thriving. So is my husband’s finger. Even though the Pig’s name has had a recent change, it is still Larson’s and between them and the BTC we can get pretty much everything we need and avoid driving to Oxford.


 What was not anticipated was the wealth of new restaurants, gift stores (although I miss the Velvet Glove) and even an independent bookstore. It is a warm and welcoming place, even to us relative newcomers, and has a great variety of old and new books. Between Violet Valley and the number of gift stores, I managed to get all my Christmas and birthday shopping done entirely on Main Street.


I look forward to frequenting every one of the new and old establishments and wish them all well. I look forward to the Ambassadors and new mayor welcoming the bookstore, along with all of the  other new businesses that have been welcomed with a ribbon cutting ceremony.


Thank you,

 /s/Beverly Lowe

Camp Ground Road  

  Water Valley

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