Low-Down Thief Steals Flowers, Vase From Graves At Cemetery

To The Editor:


My dad (Hubert Clark) passed away in 1990, my niece ( Dee Dee Hollister) in 2002, and my mother (Oneil Clark Johnston) in 2016. They were buried in Pinecrest Memorial Gardens on Old Highway 7 South from Water Valley. I have kept flowers on these graves year around, for every season since 1990. I have never had any problems with theft until now. To my surprise the memorial vases and flowers on their graves have disappeared. This happened during the month of February, the month of my niece’s birthday (February 11) and my mother’s passing (February 21). When these vases were taken, artificial Easter lilies with white dogwood blooms were in the vases with Angel ornaments that my sister had placed there. 

On February 11, a bouquet of pink hyacinth was added to my niece’s vase for  her birthday. On February 26th, I was surprised to see that the vases with the flowers had been removed, taken, or stolen. I think it is sorry and low-down to steal from a grave. To the thief, may God forgive you.


 Pinecrest Memorial Gardens has been notified and a report has been filed with the Yalobusha Sheriff’s Department. If you have any information of these missing cemetery vases please contact the Yalobusha Sheriff’s Department.



J. C. Womble

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