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Yalobusha County Detention Center Arrest Log

This is a list taken from the log at the Yalobusha County Detention Center. A name listed does not indicate that a person is guilty of the crime with which they are charged, only that the person has been taken to and processed at the facility.

Arrests recorded from Feb. 19 – March 3:

• Brad Anderson – DUI 2nd, Speeding 70/55 – Mississippi Highway Patrol;

• Preston Goodwin – Public Drunk;

• James Morgan – Public Drunk;

• Johnny Johnson – Contempt – Water Valley Police Department;

• Marcus Jones – Warrant;

• Thomas Conningham – Public Drunk, Disturbing The Peace – Water Valley Police Department;

• Tommy Wortham – Attempted Auto Burglary, False Identifying – Yalobusha County Sheriff;

• Justina Pritchard – DUI Other, Possession Of Paraphernalia, Careless Driving – Water Valley Police Department;

• Curtis Sea – Mississippi Department of Corrections;

• Tina Rushing – MDOC;

•Zacharias Turner – Commercial Burglary, Petit Larceny, Hold For District Attorney’s Office – Water Valley Police Department;

• Lacy Savage – Felony Motor Vehicle Taking, Distracted Driving, No Drivers License, No Tag, No Proof Of Insurance – Yalobusha County Sheriff;

• Robert Harris – Leaving The Scene Of Accident, Reckless Driving, No Drivers License, No Seatbelt – Mississippi Highway Patrol; 

• Robert Davis – Possession of paraphernalia – Yalobusha County Sheriff;

• Steven Downs – Hold For Grenada;

• Troy Smith – Possession of paraphernalia – Yalobusha County Sheriff;

• Cynthia Pickle – Public Drunk, Obstructing Traffic – Water Valley Police Department;

• Charles Allen – Jail Commitment – Water Valley Police Department;

• Matthew Wilson – Possession Of Parapher-nalia, Reckless Driving – Water Valley Police Department;

•Antonia Eggleston – Circuit Court Capias;

• Micheal McGee –  Possession of meth, No Tag, No Driver’s License – Yalobusha County Sheriff;

• Carlton Johnson – Possession Of Meth, Possession Of Weapon By Felon, Hold For Arkansas, Hold For Water Valley Police Department;

• Roy Jones – Possession Of Marijuana In Motor Vehicle – Mississippi Highway Patrol.

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