2018 Is A Busy Election Year In The State

Dear Editor:

With the alderman-at-large run-off this week, Water Valley should be through with elections for a little while. However, since this is an even-numbered year, there will be congressional elections all across the country on November 6. Representatives are elected for two-year terms; all 435 will be elected to serve in 2019 and 2020. Candidates running under a political party banner have to be selected in a party primary on June 5 in Mississippi.

U. S. senators are elected for six-year terms. About one-third  of the senate is up for election every two years. However, this year Mississippi will be voting for both senators. Senator Wicker was elected in 2012, so his term ends when the present congress ends. Senator Cochran was elected in 2014 for his seventh term. For health reasons he resigned effective the end of this month. Governor Bryant will appoint someone to serve until a replacement can be elected to finish the last two years of his term. This will happen in November.

In Yalobusha County both the Democrat and Republican parties usually contract with the Circuit  Clerk and the County Election Commission to conduct the primaries. That is how the June primary will be done. Since we are an “open primary” state, voters may vote in either party’s primary. However, if a run-off is required because no candidate received over 50 percent of his party’s vote, voters can vote only in a run-off in the party in which they voted in the first primary.

Get to know the candidates and their positions on important issues, arrive at your precinct polling place between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. ready to vote, obey the law, follow the instructions of the poll managers, and VOTE! It’s the American thing to do.

/s/ James Person


Water Valley

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