Where Aldermen Sit During Board Meetings Is Not Important

Dear Editor,

During the April 3rd Board of Aldermen meeting, the agenda consisted of 21 items.  Even with that number of items, one of our alderman decided to spend time arguing about who should sit where around the table.  If I understood correctly, this person (who recently accused several of his peers of wasting time by “talking too much”) felt like the alderman-at-large should sit at the opposite end of the table from the mayor.  

Per the state code related to municipalities (Section 21), aldermen are equal in how they are elected and in the scope of their responsibilities.  There is no position of assistant mayor.  

With real issues facing our town, plus the BoA’s vote to meet only once a month, where people sit is NOT important.  What is important is that our city officials take their jobs seriously, thoroughly discuss issues to make informed decisions, and not leave a meeting three times to answer their cell phone.      

Charlotte Lane

Market Street

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