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Democratic Party Has Made It Clear Where They Intend To Take America

Rarely do we see a political point of view that is succinct, exactly on point with no shrouded message designed to obfuscate the intention of the authors.  We are now at that point in America. The Democrat party has given voice to their new wave and made totally clear where they are intending to take America.  Good for them.  I applaud honesty.

We have an absolutely clear view of this new America  that could begin as early as 2020 – and some of the new America is already in place.

• In the new America we will be able to kill our unborn children from conception to birth.   (Last year there were more African American babies aborted in New York City than were born).

• We will have no car payments because there will be no reason to own a car  or buy an airline ticket since fossil fuels will be abolished (kiss your Hawaii vacation good-bye).

• We will be guaranteed a  government check if we are “unwilling to work” – and a government paid vacation (from what?).

• We will eat healthier since cows will not be tolerated and we’ll have more veggies, but, wait, tractors are needed to raise crops and there is no fossil fuel,  so we’ll all have to learn to raise our own veggies.

• And no war, since the new America will not defend itself even if attacked – in the name of peace (at any price – remember  that  famous phrase from the appeasers ).

That’s a partial Democrat party blueprint for 2020.

We already have a preliminary foray into that world. We can now kill our unborn children up to birth (of  course we’ll make them “comfortable” while Mama decides whether to kill the baby or not).

And in an effort to be a kind and forgiving new America, just yesterday it was proposed that we detain fewer violent illegal offenders and instead release them into the general population.   Let’s put these violent offenders on a bus and deliver them to the gated communities of the lawmakers proposing this insanity.

The obvious conclusion to these proposals is clear.  The authors want America destroyed so it can be rebuilt into a socialist cradle to grave warehouse devoid of individual opportunity.

Education is not a “right”.  It is an opportunity available to everyone.

Financial success is not a “right”.  It is an opportunity available to everyone.

Medical care is not a “right”.  It is a commodity to be purchased.

Respect is not an entitlement  or “right” – it is earned.

The only thing I feel entitled to is opportunity. The “right” that should be sacred to all of us is the right to life. And we’ve destroyed that right because the unborn cannot speak for themselves. Government sponsored Euthanasia won’t be far behind.  Keep the entitlements such as  free cheese, free rent, free medical, free phones and welfare checks for people “unwilling to work” – those numbers are bound to rise.    Incidentally, Medicare is not an “entitlement”. I pay for it every month – $355.

Anne Cavanaugh Burke

Water Valley/Ocean Springs, MS

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