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One Would Expect More Interest In November’s Election

Dear Editor,

Fourteen weeks from this past Tuesday we will elect a president to  lead us the next four years and a congressman to serve the next two years. With U.S. senators serving six year terms, Mississippi also has a senate term expiring this year. Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith was appointed to serve when the late Senator Thad Cochran resigned in 2017, and she won a special election two years ago to finish out that term. She is running for a regular six-year term.

With elections for all three positions at the top of the ballot, one would expect more interest in this November’s elections. So far, most of the talk about elections this year has been about political conventions—will they take place, and if so, where? Some candidates have been on the air and online asking for support—usually they mean financial support.

However, yesterday I noticed a few new political yard signs. I saw signs for Congressional Candidate Brian Flowers in Yalobusha, Lafayette, and Grenada counties. His opponent has had signs up in Yalobusha county for more than two years.

Unfortunately for candidates, signs by the roads don’t vote. What gets people elected is supporters telling their friends, relatives and neighbors about their candidate and why he or she should be elected. And, then making sure that their own vote is cast on the third of November. So, if you care about what our county is doing and which way it is going for the next two, four, or six years, make your thoughts and wishes known. And, VOTE!

James Person

Water Valley, MS

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