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Dec. 20, 2007

Quit Treating The Public Like Children

To: Supervisors of Yalobusha County

Why are we building forty-foot driveways, culverts, graveling one quarter mile of driveway for individuals, and not taking care of county roads, which are for all people? In addition, I suggest the supervisors be required to take the county vehicles to the sheriff’s department for their use at night if needed rather than take them home and use for personal driving. They are using these vehicles for personal use and using these at taxpayer’s expense.

  The deputies deserve a raise, why not take from the supervisors and give to the deputies. They deserve it because they are protecting us. The supervisors do nothing, in my opinion, but try to force their views and ideas on everyone else.

  The people have spoken concerning the beer issue. As printed in the North Mississippi Herald, Mr. Tommy Vaughn, a supervisor, said that if the issue passed he would like to see the same laws put into effect as Oxford. This being cold beer to be sold only in restaurants. Do not fool yourself, if you want a cold six-pack there are certain places you can go and buy it in Oxford. Yalobusha County is surrounded by four counties that have legal beer sales. Why not take the best of the four and pass laws that are enforceable for our law enforcement. Quit trying to treat the public like children and perform your job as you were elected to do. Greed has taken over our government system and the public is forced to go along with a very small few people.

  /s/John C. Whitsett
  5461 C.R. 216
  Oakland, MS 38948


Bad Treatment By Neighbors Questioned

In response to Joey A. Simpson’s letter to the editor:

I thought long and hard before placing the ads concerning the properties at 1301 and 1303 North Main Street.  I only placed the ads after pleading – to no avail – with the Planning Committee and to the Mayor and the Board of Alderman to make the owners of these abandoned properties either demolish or bring these safety hazards up to code.  These properties have had an obvious and disastrous effect on the value of my and my neighbors’ property values.

As far as people coming from other places and destroying the history of this town, I have to take real issue with that statement.  In the 10 years we’ve lived in Water Valley, my wife and I have remodeled 6 houses in the Water Valley area.  I might add we remodeled the house and the abandoned church across the street from Mrs. Simpson’s house on Main Street. During the 5 years we lived across the street from Mrs. Simpson, her house was a constant eyesore that looked more like a junkyard than a home.

Mrs. Simpson stated in her letter that “people need to remember the Golden Rule”.

The Golden Rule – Treat Others As You Want To Be Treated

I would never treat my neighbors the way Joey Simpson and Doris Cox have treated the neighbors on Main Street.

Bruce Watson

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