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Letter To The Editor – Sep. 18, 2008

Landowners Question County’s Timber Policy

Dear Editor:

  We are writing in support of the Yalobusha County Forestry Association concerning their letter to the North Mississippi Herald in the September 4th issue. We had a very disappointing experience pertaining to the matter they discussed.

  We own and pay taxes on timber land two and one-half miles east of Water Valley. In the spring of 2008, we arranged with a timber company to thin our timber. When the company was told that there was a $2,000 road bond fee, they immediately cancelled their agreement to thin our timber. To date we have been unable to get our timber thinned and sold.

  We hope the supervisors will rethink their decision. We pay a lot of taxes and the only thing we ask in return is a means of transporting our timber for sale.

  Sincerely yours,
  /s/Elizabeth L. Miller
P. O. Box 532
West Point, MS 39779
  /s/Carl R. Miller
  /s/Gail M. Foote

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