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Letters To Editor – Oct. 30, 2008

Gas Prices Are Higher In The Valley

Dear Editor:

  I know most everyone is so thankful to see gas prices drop in recent weeks. But I just have to mention the fact that even at $2.67 a gallon at one local station, we are still way out of line with other nearby towns.

  At this writing, Batesville has a low of $2.45 a gallon and one hour away we are seeing $2.29-$2.38 in more than one town.

  We want to buy in Water Valley and we hear this message from our leaders. But if I am 30 or 40 miles away and can save 25-30 cents per gallon, I’m going to fill the tank. (No hard feelings.)

  Come on guys, we can do better, money is leaving Water Valley every day.

  /s/Rev. R. W. Moffett


Gas Prices Are 40 Cents Higher Than in Neighboring Batesville

Dear Editor,

  This Monday morning oil prices have dropped to the $60 a barrel range,  a drop of close to 60 percent from the high at $147 a barrel. The prices on the pumps in Batesville this morning were at $2.25 a gallon. The price on the Water Valley By-pass this morning was at $2.64 a gallon—nearly 40 cents a gallon higher. This price difference seems worthy of adjectives I choose not to use!

  /s/Joe Lowe

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