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Garden Club Seeks Help From The Community After Recurring Vandalism

Dear Editor:

The Garden Club of Water Valley would like to bring a serious concern to the Herald with hopes that you will share it with the community.  The Garden Club of Water Valley has had an experience this Christmas season that we feel must be brought to public attention.  This year we spent considerable time and money decorating the Gazebo as part of our contribution to the city for the holidays.  Shortly after decorating the Gazebo, we found that our decorations had been damaged and our work was destroyed by someone. It appears that it was an act of vandalism.

What does this say about our community as a whole?  It is without question that the Water Valley community is important to native Vallians, and it is also home to more and more transplants who are moving to the community and finding the spirit of the town exciting.  So this issue of destruction/vandalism is not to be taken lightly.

Our response could be for punitive action.  Why are children and adolescents allowed to roam freely and harm our community in frivolous, selfish acts of community destruction?  The question that we are bringing forward is not what the police or other authorities can do.  The question is broader than that.  Our question is what our community as a whole can do to help create an atmosphere of community pride, love and respect for community property.  The cost of acts of vandalism is more than the cost of repair, the loss of time, the cost to taxpayers; it is the loss of joy, beauty, and peace of mind.

Our parks and roadways are public property shared by us all.  It is our job as a community to do what we can to ensure that we recognize the value and meaning of these gifts.

It is our feeling as a garden club that the community is entrusted with this community property, its enjoyment, its beautification, and its protection; and we are all responsible.

It is our hope in writing this letter about this incident, which is not an isolated event, to generate concern among all Vallians.  We ask the question:  What can YOU do to make our community a safe and beautiful place in which to live?

We plan to re-decorate the Gazebo and would like for everyone to see the decorations which will be ready for viewing again by Friday, December 12.

From the Members of
The Garden Club
of Water Valley

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