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Landowner Questions How Others React To The Use Of Hunting Dogs In Off-season

Mississippi has a deer hunting season that allows the use of dogs in capturing their prey.  The dates for that particular season was Nov. 22 – Dec. 1 and will start again Dec 24. -Jan 21.  I live adjacent to some of the Corps of Engineer property and occasionally hear and see hunting dogs on my posted property.  I have grudgingly tolerated this during the dog hunting season because as one hunter told me, “dogs can’t read.”   

The obvious fact is that the owner should be in control of their dog and respect private property.  Yesterday, while sitting in my deer stand, two hunting dogs with collars and transmitters crossed my property three times during prime hunting hours.  This obviously chased away any potential game.  And surprise, the dogs are back again this morning.  Are their owners unable to read as well?   Do they somehow feel they are above the regulations and not required to follow the rules?  Just because you are not hunting (supposedly) doesn’t mean the season is closed for everyone.  If I knew who owned the animals, I would not address this as a public forum.  However, I suspect I am not the only landowner having difficulties with hunting dogs.  How are others handling this situation?  


Kerry Murphy
Oakland, MS

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