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Letters To Editor – Jan. 29, 2009

Business Owner Takes Alderman To Task Over Junk

Dear Editor,

  I am writing this letter because of an ordinance that was passed last year. The ordinance I’m referring to is where RV’s have to be off City streets and under a covered shelter. Also, any vehicles not in operating order, or any auto parts, scrap metal, etc. has to be behind an enclosed fence to conceal them. This is all supposed to help make the City of Water Valley more beautiful. My hands applaud those who have obeyed the ordinance, and have contributed to cleaning up our fair city. Water Valley is one of the most truly wonderful cities in Mississippi. You couldn’t find any better people anywhere.

  Personally I don’t live in Water Valley, but in the county west of town. So, therefore I can’t vote on city government issues. On the other hand, I am a person who operates a small business in town. For the privilege of having a business, like other business owners, I also pay my fair share of taxes. I also realize that the Board of Aldermen make the laws we live by in the city. So my question to them is this, Why are the people in Water Valley having to live by double standards? I challenge the Board of Aldermen to answer my question fairly and honestly?

  It’s not fair for other businesses in Water Valley to have to obey the ordinance while another businessman doesn’t comply with it. The businessman not in compliance is none other than City Alderman Fred White. Why should he be able to get by with doing nothing, while everyone else has complied with the ordinance? Other business owners have complied with this ordinance by putting their trashy junkyard eyesores behind closed fences, so why can’t Mr. White? He leaves trashy broken down vehicles behind his place of business for everyone to see. Along with so many others, I have to pass by this junkyard on Main Street every day, twice a day, going to work then going home again. As I drive by, I can see grass and tall weeds growing up around old abandoned and broken down vehicles. As a businessperson myself, I am appalled to see this eyesore every day.

  Building fences to conceal unsightly vehicles, scrap metal, etc. can be costly. It’s not an every day expense that someone might plan for. So I expect it has to be worked into the budget. Not everyone expects to have to spend a small fortune on such fences. But because this ordinance was passed for the concealment of said properties, they had to take the time, and spend the money to build them. If they didn’t build them they might be fined for non-compliance. That costs money too! If these businessmen are expected to shell out money to build these fences, then so should Mr. White.

  Just because Mr. Fred White is a City Alderman, it does not give him the right to ignore this ordinance. What’s good for one should be good for all. If the citizens of Water Valley are expected to clean up their trash, then Alderman Fred White should too!

  In my business, I listen to a lot of people. Many of them agree with me, that Mr. White is not abiding by the very ordinance that he helped pass into law.

  As a taxpayer and concerned citizen, I believe I have the right to tell Alderman Fred White that he needs to get with the Program and do what is expected of him. He, as an elected city official, needs to be setting an example of higher standards than he is showing all of us now!

  I love Water Valley, and I don’t appreciate anyone trying to degrade or destroy our fair city. I am seeking some answers to my questions. The Board of Aldermen are supposed to see that the laws they pass are obeyed. So, I ask you now, is the Board of Aldermen going to sit back and let Mr. Fred White get away with having a junkyard on Main Street? Or are your morals and standards as low as his? If you keep letting him get away with this you are no better than he is! You might as well change Water Valley’s name to “Junkyard Alley”!

  I always thought that the city official were supposed to love and care about the city they represent. Mr. White shows us only the disrespect, disgrace and contempt he has for our city by not complying with the ordinance. If any of you care anything at all, you will help keep our beloved city beautiful, and enforce the ordinance you passed. If you could care less, then you should step down from your elected offices. Let someone who really cares about Water Valley run her offices with pride and dignity. Please! Help our city to be more than “Small Town USA”. Remember that the City of Water Valley is only what we make of her!

  Concerned Businesswoman

  Kathy Dunn


Proud Mom Thanks Mechanics Bank For Recognizing Daughter’s Hard Work

To Whom It May Concern:

  My name is Pamela Campbell; I am the mother of Courtney Phillips. I would like to thank each and everyone of the employees of Mechanics Bank in Water Valley for making the decision to nominate my daughter, Courtney Phillips. She is a student at Water High School and you nominated her to be the Athlete of the Month for the write up in the newspaper. We appreciate this honor. Courtney works really hard to be the best at everything that she does and it is a great honor that someone else notices her efforts. Nominations like this help to keep our youth headed in the right direction and focused on career goals for their future. So, again we both would like to say thank you so very much and May God bless you all.


  Ms. Pamela Campbell

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