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Letters To Editor – Feb. 26, 2009

Roadside Trash Still A Problem On County Roads

Dear Editor,

  Hello, my name is Gene Stella and I have been, for months, complaining about the trash that is being thrown onto our roads and highways from passing vehicles. Well, I have been picking up that trash for a mile along 436 for this same period. I have had two heart attacks since September and continuing this will of course be detrimental to my health. I did go out Sunday, the 15th of February, because 436 was getting messy again. I could not do the mile but did about three-quarters of that.

  Why in God’s name do you litterers want to do such a dirty thing? Why can you not wait til you get home and dump the trash you make in your vehicle in your own trash. So simple! Why do not other folks see what I see that live on 436 and other roads? Help the county out and take a few minutes and clean up after the #%&*#litters. I have some bad names to call these folks but the paper would not print it.

  A while back I appeared in front of the Board of Supervisors, showing how I had once filled up the back of my truck with other peoples’ trash. Oh, they were sympathetic and promised they would look into it. Well, in all this time, I never did see any help come from the Board. I guess that is why all our roads are dirty and will continue to be useless we get some help from our county representatives. Let’s help ourselves first while we wait.

  Next time we vote we should look for new and energetic people who really care about our County and will do something to help keep our streets and roads clean, not just in the City limits but throughout the complete County of Yalobusha.

  /s/Gene Stella


Blood Donors Needed To Bolster Local Supply

Dear Editor,

For a half century United Blood Services has been the sole provider of blood and blood products to more than 70 hospitals and health centers in Mississippi and West Alabama. United Blood Services steadfastly and loyally will continue to serve this area.

Patients in North Mississippi counties of Alcorn, Benton, Calhoun, Carroll, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Clay, Desoto, Grenada, Itawamba, Lafayette, Lee, Lowndes, Marshall, Mont-gomery, Monroe, Oktibbeha, Panola, Pontotoc, Prentiss, Tallahatchie, Tate, Tippah, Tishomingo, Tunica, Union, Webster and Yalobusha have used thousands of blood products supplied by United Blood Services blood donors.

Unfortunately, many of the transfused units were imported from other areas of the country simply because blood donations could not meet the high demands of patients.

I am writing this letter to ask all residents for their continued support of United Blood Services and their family, friends and neighbors undergoing treatment in your area hospitals. All blood donated with United Blood Services goes directly to the local blood supply. United Blood Services does not ship blood outside Mississippi and West Alabama.

Again let me stress, residents who want to make a significant impact in their community should donate blood with United Blood Services. The simple truth is when we run out of blood, your hospitals run out of blood. It is of the utmost importance that we maintain an adequate and safe blood supply through the donations of regular blood donors.

We have several locations in Mississippi as well as mobile blood drives in your communities on a regular basis. I encourage you to find a United Blood Services blood drive and donate today. Please call our Tupelo office at 662.842.8871 or visit us at our website online at  for times and listings of blood drives.

Again, thank you for supporting your area patients. Donate blood today with United Blood Services!

Dwight Sledge
Executive Director

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