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Letter To The Editor – Apr. 9, 2009

I would like to bring it to the attention of the community about a situation I encountered this weekend while taking my son, my nieces, and a friend of my son’s to the beautiful Water Valley City Park on Sunday.  

We get out of the car and head into the gates of where the playground equipment is only to discover that someone had hung a baby deer from the monkey bars of the playground!!!!  There was blood everywhere!  The kids were shocked and cried!  

These are children who are old enough to know when and where a deer is supposed to be exposed in that manner….and it’s NOT on a child’s playground. That seems sadistic to me and hung over our thoughts ALL day long with questions of WHO would do such a thing??  

Whoever did this should know what kind of impact they had on four children that day (two of which aren’t from Yalobusha county) and it wasn’t a good one! I would love to know who did this and would like to display them to our community in our paper and walking Main Street carrying a big sign around their neck stating what they did and their reason for doing such a thing!!  

We gripe and fuss about all the damage that is being done to our beautiful city park where children have birthday parties, our local clubs have events for the children in our community and host a Carnival, families bring their pets and play, kids ride their bikes and play ball, and most importantly it is really the center of our town and the very first thing people see as they come to our town!  

Why is it that we can’t seem to catch these people kicking spindles out, breaking playground equipment, and MOST definitely dragging a dead deer into the playground area only to display it where innocent children see it? I am glad it was only a deer for heaven’s sake.

Can we as a community do something to catch these people who are destroying our town and the one thing we try so hard to keep beautiful?  I will do what I can…I went straight to the police and reported the incident.  Any suggestions of what else we can do? I am all ears.


Jennifer Lucus
Water Valley, Miss.

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