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Letters To Editor – May 21, 2009

Disturbing Phone Call Brings Questions

To whom it may concern:

    A couple of weeks ago I was at church on a Sunday when I received a disturbing phone call followed by a text message.  My mother, who was at my house, had been attacked by a dog.  She had been taking her small dog outside, and it was on a leash when a yellow “lop-eared” dog, as she described it, charged up the hill and attacked her and her dog.  

    She was finally able to get a plastic toy bat and hit the dog in the head and startle it enough to run it off.  Once she finally got her dog inside, whom might I add was terrified, she was able to drive herself to the ER.  The dog had bit her several times and broke the skin.  I immediately left church to come home and see about the situation.  

    I got all of the details from my mother then proceeded to call the sheriff’s department.  When I called, I was informed that Yalobusha County has no leash law and there was nothing they could do.  They informed me that she could come down and file a report but nothing would be done about it.  I asked myself, what kind of protection is our law enforcement around here?  I wonder if that had been my six year-old or four year- old son outside with the dogs or simply outside playing, would they be so nonchalant?  

    That dog could have killed my children or hurt them severely.  I keep my dogs on a leash and I expect others to do the same! The Yalobusha Sheriff’s Department seems to be more concerned with picking and choosing what they handle, rather than sincerely helping us as citizens.  I just wonder do we need some new leadership around here or what?  

    This should not be something that I have to worry about happening in my own yard.  That’s what so bad about it.  I don’t even feel safe letting my kids and dogs play in our own yard!      How long are we going to let this go on?


Josh and Tonya Stroup

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