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Letter To The Editor -July 16, 2009

Dear Editor,

  I was wanting to have a letter to The WVHS Class of ’73.

To whom it may concern:

  As you remember, we celebrated our 35th reunion back in 2008. As you remember Kitti Craven Binford was the organizer and put together that nice notebook that was given to all participants.

  I loaned her 5 different class photographs. The classes are: Mrs. Quinn’s 2nd Grade; Mrs. Maddux’ 3rd Grade; Mrs. Murphey’s 4th grade; Mrs. Smith’s 5th grade; and Mrs. Beissel’s 6th Grade.  I never had them returned to me. Her husband, daughter, sister, and mother, all are under the impression that Kitti turned those over to someone else in the class. If you have any knowledge of those special mementos’ whereabouts, please let me know.

  You can contact my sister, Rose Walker, at 473-9552 and she’ll take the information from you, or you may contact me directly at (901) 278-0167.

Thank you,
  Nancy Abernathy
  899 N. Barksdale St.
  Memphis, TN 38107

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