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Letter To The Editor – July 23, 2009

 Yalobushian Argues Stop Signs Are Ignored By Motorists

Letter to Editor:

“To Stop or Not To Stop;
That Is The Question”

  I try to keep up with changes in laws in Mississippi. I am a subscriber to the North Mississippi Herald and every now and then, when I want to solve the New York Times crossword puzzle, I buy one of our state rags, The Clarion Ledger. I must have missed it. When did the legislature make it legal to run through ‘STOP SIGNS’?

  I live on the corner in the “Boat Landing” where there are four-way ‘STOP SIGNS.’ I watch cars, trucks, school busses, kids on four wheelers, who shouldn’t be riding these public roads on unlicensed vehicles—just running through these ‘STOP SIGNS’ all day long—four-wheelers with four and five on board—mostly very young kids.

  Yes, I’m going to come across as an old fogy. I’m sure when someone gets killed running a stop sign something might be done—wait—that has already happened. People have been killed, and nothing has been done. The four-way stop at the intersection of 32 Highway and the By-pass is ignored all day long, every day. The same thing happens at the four-way stop at the intersection of Highways 32 and 51.

  I got my driver’s license when I was 15 years old—62 years ago. In those days, one of the most enforced laws was running, or rolling through, ‘STOP SIGNS’. Apparently, that law has been repealed—I missed the news of that.

  Folks, one of the worst tragedies happens when someone runs a stop sign and someone is killed. That is an avoidable accident—the driver running the stop sign intends to run it. Please, please, don’t let it happen in our city, county, community, and state again. Ask your law enforcement officials to start to give tickets to people who commit this offense. One of these days, someone in your own family may be killed, or maimed, by some uncaring driver running through a ‘STOP SIGN’. IT IS AGAINST THE LAW.

  “2.7 million ‘STOP SIGN’ violations occur yearly, resulting in 9,000 deaths.” That is just one quote from the internet on this major crime. Go to your computer and type in ‘stop sign violation deaths’—I did—there were 291,000 hits. There are accounts of ‘STOP SIGN’ violations where people talk about the devastating destruction created by this crime. The numbers above are just for this country.

  My wife and I have seen Water Valley police cars parked at the intersection of the By-Pass and Highway 32 watch cars and trucks run through and roll through those ‘STOP SIGNS’—Stop It!! (We were parked on the other side of the road.) I realize it is politically unpopular to enforce this law—but, it is the law.

  /s/Ernest Kirkpatrick
  531 Huckleberry Lane
  Water Valley

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