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Letter To The Editor – Aug 6, 2009

Herald Student Columnist Expresses Gratitude For Newspaper Opportunity

    I would like to thank everyone who read my columns that were published in the Herald while I was a junior and senior at Water Valley High School. It was very exciting to get recognized just about everywhere I went.

    I realized if my mother didn’t push me to do this project, I probably wouldn’t be where I am today. I plan to continue to write in the future, as I move on with my life.  I have enjoyed all the responses and comments about my column, “Teen Talk”.

    I would like to also thank the Herald staff. I really appreciate everything that was done for me. As a two-year intern, the opportunity allowed me to work  on my writing and grammar skills.

    Now I am preparing to attend college. Northwest Mississippi Community College is very proud to have me attend their school. They researched my work and would like me to work in one of their publications because of my experience with the Herald.

    It’s a wonderful feeling to walk in an office and they recognize me for my work. With the support of the community, family, and friends I have accomplished a good deal.

    Mr. David, thank you for working with me and helping me get better in journalism. My goal was to get more students my age to read more newspapers, which will soon be ancient history to us. This column prove a reliable source for most of my peers that read my column.

    I enjoyed working with the newspaper staff and learning new things to make my publications better than before.

    I hope more students interested in journalism will understand the concept and work with this interesting field. A lot of responsibility comes with writing for a broad audience including knowledge of current events. People reactions really inspired me to keep going and don’t give up.

    Thank you Water Vallains and surrounding areas that read my column. I am very appreciative.

    Jazzlynn Hickman

    (Editor’s Note: Hickman wrote about school life for the Herald while attending high school.)

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