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Letters To Editor – Aug. 27, 2009

Parent Seeks Compromise On School Dress Code

Dear Editor and Community,

  I need your help in trying to help our children. I encourage a dress code for our students and especially our teachers and school staff. There is a small conflict that I hope we as a community can come to a compromise over.

  The dress code states that the boys must tuck their shirts in. To a young man who is bigger than some, this rule is very discriminating. I am attempting to be put on the agenda at an upcoming school board meeting. I will propose that the boys be allowed to tuck in an undershirt and leave a top shirt out.

  These young men have enough problems as adolescence takes over their minds and bodies. If you have a son in this situation, please contact me at (662) 473-9139. Thank you for your time and support.

  /s/Beverly Davis

  1738 CR 107
  Water Valley


Healthcare: If It’s Not Broken It Doesn’t Need Fixing

An Open Letter to Rep. Travis Childers,

Rep. Childers, my husband and I were disappointed that instead of holding town hall meetings, you held a telephone conference on August 18th, which prevented us from asking you questions or expressing our views about the healthcare bill being considered in Washington.  So many of you congressmen are not having the courage to meet the voters face-to-face and that is sad.

Therefore, we are using this method to express our views.  We listen carefully every day to gather information about everything Congress is doing, particularly as to the proposed healthcare “fix”. It’s not broken and doesn’t need “fixing”!  We would suggest only the following:

1.  Allow policies to be purchased across state lines to create more competition. That would lower costs.

2.  Tort reform!  That must first be done to bring down costs.

3.  Absolutely no government-run healthcare system by any name!

The country can’t financially sustain that nor does the government need that much control.

Congress should follow the Constitution and stop taking our freedoms away.

We will be closely following your actions and your votes on all bills that come before Congress and we urge all voters in the First District to do likewise and to express their opinions.

    Mary and Clyde Holyfield,

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