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Letter To The Editor – Sept. 3, 2009

Visit With Your Child Program Popular With Former Teacher

Letter to the Editor:

  Just wanted to say what a great time I had at Davidson Elementary this past week. The second grade, of which I have a granddaughter, Haley Wiginton, as a student, sponsored a “visit breakfast with your child”, grandmothers welcome. Mr. Drewrey, Mrs. Russell, and Mrs. McMinn all spoke and gave their goals for the year in an introduction. Both of Haley’s teachers are former students of mine. What a joy to see “my babies” teaching my granddaughter and in a profession I loved for many years. Makes me proud.

  While in the cafeteria, I saw others I had taught, and several retired teachers with whom I had worked over the years. They, like me, were there with grandchildren. It was a great fellowship time for both children and adults.

  Thank you again, Mr. Drewery and staff for allowing all of us to enjoy a great morning.

  /s/Cathy Hunt Ward

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