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Letter To The Editor – Sept 17, 2009

Abortion Is The Symbol Of Divide In Our Country

Dear Editor:

  I think it’s safe to say that abortion has become the symbol of the main dividing issues between cultures in this country today. Proponents of abortion-on-demand assert to the public and their clients that the fetus in the womb is just a not-yet-human-blob of protplasm. Pro-lifers claim the fetus is a human baby going through its necessary stages of development.

  The critical issue is when does “human” life begin? John McCain, in the first debate, said when asked that question, without hesitation: “Life begins at conception.”

  Our president, Mr. Obama, glibly answered the question with a smirk: “The answer to that is above my pay grade!”  which is essentially what the 1973 Supreme Court said when it by-passed the “life” question and handed down the Roe-vs-Wade decision. That decision has led so far to between fifty and sixty million “abortions” (murder by any other name is still murder) of human babies.

  Medical science, long ago, proclaimed that life began at conception, yet this knowledge is suppressed for the sake of convenience and profit.

  If one doesn’t understand what happens during an abortion, they should watch a video named, “The Silent Scream”, and view an actual abortion by saline (a strong salt solution) injection into the womb. This blob of proplasm in the womb, which oddly looks like a miniature perfectly formed human baby, can be viewed as it moves about desperately moving its hands and fingers, its legs and feet (with toes) in a swimming motion trying to escape the spread of the saline solution, which, by the way, does its work by scalding the baby to death. Unfortunately, in the confines of the womb, there is no safe harbor and the baby soon dies a horrible death.

  Let’s also consider the barbaric procedure called “partial birth” abortion, which allows the murder of a fully-formed, ready to be born, baby. The baby has its head ejected from the womb and into the world, only to be met by the waiting hands of the abortionist, eager to end its life with scalpel, suction tube and forceps. I’ll leave the rest of the procedure to your imagination!

  Every abortion procedure compares, in inhumane brutality, with the worst of the Nazi’s medical experimental labs. The Nazi’s experimented with doing surgery on live prisoners with no anesthesia; the abortionist also use no anesthesia in their murderous work. These fifty-odd million infants have been, not just killed, but killed in the most painful and horrific ways imaginable. Obama has said the United States is not a Christian Nation. The on-going abortion mill is strong evidence he’s right. The question today is: How does the right-to-life movement versus abortion-on-demand issue strike you? It has to make you think.

  /s/Joe Lowe

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