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Letter To The Editor – Sept. 24, 2009

Concerned Citizens Should Not Be Complacent


ACORN – Are you concerned that workers have tried to assist in setting up brothels using underage girls brought in from a foreign country?  Have tried to help those brothels evade taxes and other laws?  And assist in getting housing loans for illegals paid for by taxpayer money — all while receiving millions of taxpayers’ dollars – your dollars?!

CIA – Are you concerned that our U.S. Attorney General and other federal officials are willing to put CIA agents in danger and inform our enemies what methods have been/can be/will be used to keep our country safe?!

WAR IN AFGHANISTAN – Are you concerned whether this war is being run by the generals on the ground or by the politicians in Washington?

CZARS – Are you concerned about the radical czars surrounding the president, including the Regulatory Czar who believes animals have the same rights as humans?  For example, the San Joaquin Valley (CA) which has become a dust bowl rather than its usual fertile land growing our vegetables, fruits and nuts – all to save a 2″ smelt (minnow)!  Those farmers and workers are losing their farms and their jobs!  The same thing can happen here!

    HEALTHCARE REFORM, CAP-AND-TRADE, the list goes on and on!!

    Are YOU concerned?  If so, talk to your friends, write your representative and senators and newspaper. Get involved!  Complacency is what has gotten America in its present condition.

Mary and Clyde Holyfield

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