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Letters To Editor – Feb. 11, 2010

Schools Need Community Support More Than Ever

Dear Editor:

The Water Valley Main Street Association recently held a meeting of committee chairs to finalize our program of work for 2010.  One topic of discussion was the importance of our schools to the community.  Following the meeting, it was brought to my attention that every person there was either a current or retired teacher or was married to one.

My point is that the teachers and staff in our schools bring much more to our community than educating our children.  Teachers and their families are at the heart of everything that goes on in our town.  Every civic organization in Water Valley relies on teachers or their spouses as their most active members.  Every church counts on teachers to lead Sunday School classes and organize children’s programs.  Every community event is guaranteed to have teachers, their spouses, and their children involved.

What many people overlook, though, is the amount of community support that flows back to our schools.  Our schools can’t afford large numbers of tutors so community members organize after-school tutoring programs.  Others volunteer their time simply to listen to 1st-graders read.  Our schools can’t afford a huge athletic staff so community members volunteer and help coach some of our sports.  Others raise private money to pay for improved sports facilities.  Our schools can’t pay the big bonuses that our teachers and staff deserve so community members cook them a steak dinner. Our schools can’t afford extensive Art programs so the Water Valley Art Council hosts a summer Art Camp.  The list goes on and on.

Water Valley cannot prosper without a successful school system.  We gloated for years as the “Level 5” rankings poured in.  Now, budget cuts have put our schools on the defensive.  It is more important than ever to show our community support.  If you don’t know what you can do just call the school.  Better yet, ask a teacher.  You’ll find one beside you at the next community event you attend.


Bill Taylor
1st grade teacher Mrs. Taylor’s husband


Ole Miss Alumni Questions Northern Liberal View

Dear Editor:

My heart breaks for the faculty at Ole Miss who are concerned about losing their academic freedom with the proposed modification of tenure. These are the hypocrites who demand academic freedom for themselves but would deny it to students, alumni and fans of Ole Miss when it comes to the Battle flag, Dixie, Colonel Reb and soon the very name Ole Miss.

If the College Board is sincere, they will do away with tenure altogether and sack Dan Jones and any other faculty member who would deny their students the very academic freedom they crave.

How can the College Board keep a straight face when they say they are concerned with scholastic excellence when they know only a liberal, Northern Establishment view is acceptable. The Board Members know this is true because Chancellor Jones screams it from the roof tops every chance he gets.


Carl D. Ford
Ole Miss Business 1960
Ole Miss Law JD 1966

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