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Letters To Editor – March 4, 2010

Reader Concerned About Fights At School

To Whom It May Concern:

  My name is Amie Adams. I have one daughter at Water Valley High School. The reason I am writing you is because of the many fights that are happening at the high school that are unsupervised. These fights have been going on since the middle of the school year in 2009. There have been three fights that I am aware of in the high school gym. All three of these have been video-taped. The coach has not been in the gym watching the basketball players when these fights have been happening. He will come in the gym for about five minutes to open the door to the changing room and then he will leave and be gone for fifteen to twenty minutes. Please take care of this matter before one of the students, or my daughter, gets really bad hurt.

  Thank You,
  /s/Amie Adams
  4767 Hwy. 315-E
  Water Valley, MS


Community Center Needed For Downtown


  The question was put to the people as to what is needed Downtown/Mainstreet. I would suggest that we need a Community Center, where people can gather for various activities. There are probably, in attics and basements all around town, ping-pong tables, fooseball tables, old-fashioned pinball machines, perhaps a snooker or pool table, hundreds of card tables for chess, checkers, and all kinds of card games and board games.

  Vending machines, including colas, coffee, snacks, sandwiches, etc., could be used to subsidize the expenses.

  Studies have shown that activities that stimulate the mind are good for both young and old.

  Surely something can be done about the lack of such a place.

  /s/Don McConnell
  1303 Jones St.
  Water Valley

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