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Letter To The Editor – June 24, 2010

Newcomers Offer Contributions

This letter is for all the newcomers who have made my hometown, Water Valley, their home. You have come from places as distant as California and New York State, and you have helped make Water Valley a better place. Many of you are members of the Main Street Association, and are sharing your ideas and investing your resources to improve the town.  

Being an artist, I am especially thrilled that so many artists are sharing their creativity here in Water Valley. Now, Water Valley has an art council, an art gallery and a summer art camp for children.  

I hope everyone has been to B. T. C., the new grocery store that opened in May in the old Ben Franklin building. The locally baked bread and cookies are delicious. You need to stop by and see all of the other items there, many of which were stocked on recommendations from Water Valley citizens.  I am so glad that this building has been restored and revitalized because many of us, including myself, worked there many years ago when we were teenagers and have wonderful memories tied to that old building.

Water Valley is so fortunate to have residents, both new and longstanding, who are investing in the vitality of our community. While small town residents all over America are seeing their hometowns wither, our main street is showing signs of new life with renovations and plans for the future that will continue to attract people who care enough to “be the change”—which, by the way, is what “B.T.C.” stands for I’m told.

To the newcomers, I want to thank you again for choosing to make Water Valley your home.    

Elsie White Booker
Germantown, TN

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