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Letters To Editor – Nov. 25, 2010

New Permit Fee Is Nothing But Another Tax For Yalobushians

Dear Editor:

  I am appalled that our supervisors (with the exception of Butch Surrette) would vote to add another tax in these economic times. I am sure that most Americans like me are fed-up with taxing for everything that comes along. Yes, I said taxing.

    This deal where if you build anything from a dog house to a mansion you must first apply for a permit (tax) $25.00 and let the FEMA representative come and see if you are in a flood zone as if you can’t go to the courthouse and look at the flood map and determine this for yourself.

  It seems that every time one decides to improve their property they must pay a (fee, permit) or something that is nothing more than a tax. As we met with the FEMA officials in Coffeeville this spring, it was apparent to me that a lot is lacking in their information concerning flood areas.

    In this meeting I asked about the height of the overflow spillway at Enid Dam and was informed that FEMA did not have any affiliation with the Corps of Engineers. Since the south end of Water Valley was some five feet higher than the emergency spillway, FEMA decided it might be a good idea to check this out.         As a result new flood zone maps were made. Therefore most of Water Valley and  lots of Coffee-ville were taken out of the flood zones. We are loosing enough of our freedoms from the irresponsible politicians in Washington without any help from our local politicians.

  I feel a person’s property is their property and they should be allowed to build anything they please so long as it doesn’t present a problem to their family or their neighbors.

  /s/Larry Bell
  250 Dogwood Dr.
  Water Valley, MS


Thanks Extended To Supporters Of Water Valley Prayer Conference

Sandra Johnson of Along The Way Ministries, Inc., acknowledges that God received the glory during the Water Valley Prayer Conference. She would like to thank Mayor Larry Hart for the heartfelt prayer and the welcome to visitors from California, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, and Connecticut.

  Thanks are also expressed to County Supervisor /Pastor Amos Sims, State Representative Tommy Rey-nolds, Dr. Heidi Pratt and sons, for their prayers and participation, and to Larson’s Piggly Wiggly and Fiddlin Rooster Farm for refreshments.

  A special thanks to Everdale Missionary Baptist Church’s pastor, Rev. Phillip Brackett, for his participation and for the dinner served in the fellowship hall. This was prepared by Sisters Julia Cox and Joyce Campbell.

  Thanks are also expressed to Binnie Turnage for his support, to Officer Luther Folson of the Water Valley Police Department, for his encouraging words, and to Pastor Stevens of Oak Grove Church, and to all those who attended.

  May God continue to bless.

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