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Letter To The Editor – Jan. 13, 2011

Local Medical Care Praised

Dear Editor,   

    On Jan. 1 I had to go to the emergency room at Baptist Hospital in Oxford and, because of a mis-diagnosis I had to go back on Jan. 3 around the same time in the morning.

    The attending physician told me it was not his job to diagnose me, but his job was to make sure that I was not dying (I was shocked).

    He ran the same test that was run the first time I was there and, of course, he didn’t find anything because he wasn’t looking for anything different.

    I woke up in severe pain and headed down to see Dr. Paul Odom. He immediately took me and started running tests to find out exactly what the problem was. By lunch time on Jan. 4 I knew what was wrong with me and Dr. Odom had me on meds that would take care of my problem.

    I am so thankful to have such a wonderful physician in Water Valley that takes pride in his work. Dr. Odom is a great asset to our community and shows each person how much he really cares. We are truly blessed to have him here.

    Sincere appreciation,
    Terry Allen

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