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Letters To Editor – Jan. 20, 2011

Hall Is Sick Of Litter In County

Dear Editor

  I’ve encouraged Sissie to pick up trash, but she doesn’t want to get dressed, fix her hair, and apply makeup just for that.  I’m just sick!

  Don’t call me over-excited.  I’ve suppressed my feelings for years.  I’m just sick!  I’m not trying to add sensation to something unsensational.  I don’t mean any harm to anyone. I’m just sick!

  How anyone can deface our beautiful county with litter is more than I can imagine.  When I find broken beer bottles, soiled diapers, and other trash in our yard, I become a bit depressed.  I’m just sick!

  Litter is a serious problem and we’ve read of it before.  Why do people want to make our county ugly?  I’m just sick!

  This letter is a waste of time because the litterbugs don’t or can’t read The Herald.  I’m just sick!

  The only good result of this letter is to let you know why I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired.


 Mickey Hall

County Needs Animal Shelter

Christmas has come and gone, the joy of opening those presents, maybe a red and blue dump truck or a glamorous beach house for Barbie and Ken, maybe even a bright-eyed, wet-nosed puppy! If you received the latter, are you still playing with it? I trust you’re feeding and loving it and watching it grow up.

    That one puppy was lucky because countless others spend their short lives in shelters.

    But what about the Yalobusha County animals, where do they go?

    Undoubtedly to the surrounding area shelters in Grenada and Lafayette counties, or worse grow up on the streets possibly be-coming a hazard to people and other animals.

    Yalobusha County is in DIRE NEED of an animal shelter to alleviate some of the pressure from our neighboring shelters. These facilities euthanize thousands of perfectly good animals, simply for the lack of space, adoptions, and funds to continue to keep them.

   I know we have some animal-lovers in this county, I am one of them. To ultimately end this problem we all have to spay/neuter our pets, but until then let us come together to begin to solve this major problem.

Kamesha Bailey


Liberal Seasons Could Be The Demise Of Whitetail Deer

Dear Editor:

  I remember the days, growing up near Water Valley, when the only deer I saw, or read about, were in Sports Afield and Outdoor Life. There were no deer at all in the Water Valley area because they had been totally killed out decades earlier. A lack of game laws, market hunters and public lack of concern saw the eradication of the deer and other forms of wildlife in much of the country in the late 19th and 20th centuries.

  We all know the success of the deer restocking programs in the Holly Springs National Forest and I well remember how the Hill brothers would frequently get written up in the Herald because they had killed a buck in the forest east of Abbeville. In the beginning only bucks could be harvested and there were restrictions on the number that could be killed.

  Over the decades since then, as we are all aware, the deer proliferated to the point they became nuisances, damaging crops, gardens, yard plants, etc. Finally it became legal to kill the seed stock—the does. The game laws have now gotten so lax on doe killing that it is possible that the number of deer in  our area is being seriously affected.

  With extremely liberal laws on the number of does that can be legally killed, plus the wide-open poaching, baiting and spot-lighting that is going on in our area, could we soon see the demise of deer hunting? I assert that it will happen in a few years if the laws are not tightened against the slaughter of the seed.

Joe Lowe

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