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Letters To Editor – Feb. 24, 2011

Piles Of Litter Along Roads Cause Reader To Forget That She’s A Lady

To The Editor:

  I am going to vent, vent, vent…..I have read from other solicitations to the editor concerning the trash, garbage, waste, rubbish, etc., that is distributed along our county roads. While traveling thru Texas they have signs posted throughout the state “Real Texans Don’t Litter”; apparently Real Mississippians DO. I have taught my children and they have passed it on to their children that littering is against the law and that you must respect Mother Nature and keep her looking beautiful and marvelous.

  We live off Hwy. 32 East, and since they have been working on the bridge motorist have been using our road to get to Water Valley, Oxford, or whatever destination west. There has been an influx of traffic which has compounded the litter. I have seen bags of trash, beer bottles, cans, Sonic, McDonald’s and Subway bags, condoms, cigarette packs, soft drink cans, tires, mattress, television, microwave, oil cans, Tupperware, etc., etc. It just makes me sick to see such ill regard, and the lack of respect, humans have for this beautiful state.

  I did mention this problem to our supervisor, but  to no avail. He said he understood but just pacified me. No one has taken the initiative to do anything about it, beside myself. When I take walks on our road I try to pick up as much trash as I can.

  Several years back there was a commercial that showed a native American standing on a hill surrounded by trash when a motorist threw a bag of trash out the car window and it landed at his feet. The camera pans up toward the true American’s face and you see tears in his eyes. That is my ancestor and we didn’t rape the land, foreigners did and they are still doing it.

  So why don’t we start putting up signs to let tourist know that “Real Mississippians Really Don’t Give a S**t, We Litter to the Hilt!!!” I’m going to pass this on to the governor…maybe we can get a great campaign going. I wonder how much money we could raise for the awareness of littering. We could start out; “To Litter or Not to Litter; that is the question!”

  Believe me if it wasn’t against the law to chase after a litterbug, haul them out of their vehicle, and make them pick up 100 pounds. of trash along the road and throw it back into their vehicle and force them to enjoy the aroma for a week, I would. I’m more than p****d off, I’m madder than hell and if you agree with me you should be too.

  This is a beautiful state, let’s take pride in it and keep it pristine.  

/s/ Doni Burt  

    P.S. The Bridge on Hwy. 32 east is finished, so use it. Ignore the Road Closed Signs.


Black History Month Is Time To Reflect On Nation’s Past

“A Taste of History”

  February is the month we celebrate black history, but to most of us it’s still just one big mystery. We need to read and understand what our ancestors have done for they can’t tell us, but their legacy will forever live on.

  Carter Woodson started off this grand celebration and now it’s celebrated throughout the entire nation. Rosa Parks made a stand for herself, as well as for all of us, by refusing to give up her seat and sit in the back of the bus.

  George W. Carver was a smart and intelligent young man. He made products from peanuts, sweet potatoes and pecans. He earned his way by cleaning other people’s messy floors. He knew hard work and determination would open many doors.

  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  had this wonderful dream that every color would unite and act as one happy team. He marched into Memphis April 4, 1968, on an ordinary day, not knowing that James E. Ray was there to take his life away.

  They, the whites, said we wouldn’t be nothing but a scared mouse. Oh wow. Look we have a black president in the White House! We need to be shown love and respect, whether we’re black or blue instead of hatred toward anyone that’s different from you.

  Times have definitely changed and the people will no longer be beaten for no reason, then thrown into jail. Being non-white had its hardship way back in the past, but now we can proudly say, “Thank God Almighty, we’re free at last”.

   Written by,
   Catherine Morgan


Community Thanked For Help Provided During Time Of Need

A Thank You Note

  I want to thank everyone who has kept me in their prayers and lifted me up during this time of my great loss. I appreciate all the gifts from everyone, including all the churches, my friends, family, and those who have given their time on helping build my new home. Your gifts, prayers, and kind words have meant so much to me. I’m proud to know the Lord and He has been by my side throughout all my hard times.

  Until now, I never realized how much my life had affected other people. I pray that if anyone doesn’t know the Lord, you will soon learn just how much He loves each and everyone of us.

  Thank you sincerely,
  Love in Christ
  Barbara Ann Raley

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