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Letter To The Editor – March 3, 2011

Loose Dogs Cause Problems

To Whom It May Concern:

  We’ve lived in Water Valley for almost three years. We enjoy the beauty, our neighbors, and our town very much. BUT I have one BIG complaint.

  I am tired of having folks abandon their pets or letting their dogs go unleashed. Why does this bother me so much?  

  1) Unleashed dogs can get aggressive.

  2) They are vulnerable to being hit by cars or eating things that could harm them.

  3) It puts an imposition on neighbors who keep food out for their own pets. Pet food can get expensive when other animals are gobbling it up.

  4) It is cruel to just abandon an animal. If you can’t afford a pet or can no longer own a pet—take it to the Humane Society on Highway 7. They’re a wonderful organization and really try to find homes for abandoned animals.

  We arrived here with one indoor cat and now own three cats. Why? Two kittens were abandoned and my heart couldn’t stand to see them starve. They are now well fed and cared for but three is our limit.

  Three weeks ago I tried to go for my usual walk on Panola Street only to be chased by a large unleashed dog. This is a neighborhood with lots of children. We should be able to walk in our own neighborhood without the fear of dogs attacking us.

  Please folks, be considerate of your animals and your neighborhood.

  /s/Pati D’Amico

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