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Letters To The Editor – July 28, 2011

Every Voter Has A Duty And Responsibility To Get Out And Vote

Dear Editor,

 On August 2 we will be allowed to exercise our unique privilege of starting the selection of those who will lead our county and state for the next four ears.  I use the word “privilege” rather than “right” because a “right” is something we have simply by existing. A “privilege,” however, is something someone had to purchase for us.

Over the past 235 years, millions of Americans have endured many hardships and some have given their lives to purchase the privileges we now enjoy – one of which is the privilege of voting. When considering how much these privileges cost, no one should take them lightly.  To do so is to mock and belittle those brave Americans who paid the price.

Every registered voter has both a duty and a responsibility.  The duty is to honor those who have paid for our voting privilege by casting a ballot whenever possible.  The responsibility is to our children and those yet unborn by selecting the best leaders we can.

The best leaders would be the ones most qualified and most ethical of the candidates offered.  Personal feelings or relationships should not be considered when making this selection.  Our best chance to remain a free people is for everyone to accept his/her duty and responsibility.

Thank you and I will see you at the polls.

Bob Rutherford
County Road 177


Art Council Thanked For ArtCamp

Dear Editor:

    We would like to express our thanks to Bill Warren and Ramona Bernard, co-chairs, and the Water Valley Arts Council for the wonderful Art Camp they held.

  Our granddaughter, Carlisle Smithey, came over and spent the week with us so that she could attend the camp because she did not have anything like this offered in her home town of New Albany.

  We appreciate all of the businesses, artist, staff and volunteers that made it such a success. Carlisle is already looking forward to next year. Thanks for making Water Valley such a special place to live.

  /s/Bobby and Dee Cox

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