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Letter To The Editor – Aug 11, 2011

Gas Suppliers Should Give Yalobushians A Little Break

Dear Editor,

  Betty, I appreciate your recent comments on gas prices and also appreciate Tommy White sharing his photo indicating gasoline prices are about $4.25 a gallon in Alaska. However, I’m not so concerned for the Alaskans whose average family income (in 2009) was $66,712 as I am for the average Yalobusha Countians, who are paying about $3.55 (about 70 cents a gallon less than Alaska) a gallon on an average family income of $30,840 in ‘09.

  Gasoline prices are mainly what is stifling our economy. When a large chunk of a family’s income goes for gas obviously there is a reduction in what they can spend on food, clothing, utilities, school supplies, etc. People who in recent years would make an approach for help on food toward the end of the  month still have food needs, but the desperation need now is for gas money to be able to get to Oxford, Batesville, or Grenada. They have jobs and want to work but their income can only stretch so far.

  Apparently, gas prices are going to stay high and my only comment is this: back in the spring and early summer gas prices in every town around Water Valley were reduced from a dime to 30 cents a gallon. All the suppliers for Water Valley held the line and didn’t reduce their prices a penny! Why can’t they at least follow the prices in the nearby towns and give Yalobusha County a little break?

    /s/Joe Lowe
  73 CR 389
  Water Valley, MS

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