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Letters To The Editor – Nov. 1, 2012

Our System Of Government Hangs In The Balance

Dear Editor,

As we approach election day, I find myself growing more and more apprehensive, not simply because our very system of government hangs in the balance (capitalism vs. socialism/Marxism) but because I honestly don’t know if there are enough Americans left who believe in the founding principles upon which our great country was planted and up till now, has flourished.
The plain truth is we have reached a tipping point so to speak where many Americans would rather just exist on the government’s welfare plantation instead of experiencing the true freedom of individualism and self-sufficiency.
As a Christian, of course I couldn’t think of supporting an individual or a party that makes abortion and a “god-free” society their major goals. But just as important, as an American and as father, I hope to pass on the great hope of a shining city on a hill that was passed on to me. I sincerely hope that our generation will not be the one that brings the American dream to an end.

Rev. Daniel Dickerson

Are Dealers Paid Twice For Hauling Gas To Town?

Dear Editor,

    I appreciate very much the several letters written by Mr. Joe Lowe relating to gasoline prices in the local area. An informed public is better able to make responsible decisions in everyday life.  I agree with Mr. Lowe in that I can not understand why prices are much higher in Water Valley than in Batesville, Memphis, Tup-elo and elsewhere. This has been explained in the past that it cost more to haul the gasoline to Water Valley since it is further from the distribution plant. I understand that, but hauling the gasoline to Water Valley is a cost that is deducted from taxes as a business expense.   If consumers pay more for gas because it is hauled further, and the cost of hauling is counted as a business expense is the dealer being paid twice?
    Also, I find it disturbing that some of the local gas stations are owned by individuals who are not residents of Water Valley, so I am told. That being the case, it seems to me, these persons may have an agenda that does not support the local economy or the American way of life.  
    Yes, I know times are changing, but some changes are not necessarily good.  
    Some months ago Mr. Lowe wrote a series of articles dealing with evolution in which he plainly stated his opposition to the Darwin theory. Here again he is correct in his dialogue on this subject. I believe the Lord God created the heavens and earth as explained in the Bible. Animals, as well as humans, have adapted to many changes in the course of history and time. I do not accept the popular belief that humans evolved from monkeys /apes or other subspecies.  If some folk wish to de-scend from an ape that is their privilege, but not me.  Thanks Mr. Lowe for the articles you wrote.
    I am sure there are some folk in Water Valley who do not recall the glory days of Mr. Lowe’s high school performance on the basketball court and the base ball field. He was one of the outstanding players in both sports in those days now long passed. He and J. C. Anthony were always able to add something special to a ball game. Mr. Lowe could stand in middle court and sink a ball in the hoop  –  and that was a long time before the three point system was initiated.  
    So, Mr. Lowe, please continue to inform the public on any subject you feel is important. One may never know who is encouraged or challenged by the printed thoughts of able writers.
James S. (Jim) Allen
Water Valley, Miss.

VFW Thanks Community For Supporting Our Troops


A special “Thank You” to the community from the Family Support Group of the Veterans of Foreign Wars and Ladies Auxiliary.
Recently students from Davidson Elementary decorated little white sacks for trick or treat bags, which we stuffed with peanuts and candy for the 289th Vertical Construction Company.
The community brought in snack treats: beef jerky, chips, canned meats and other non-perishables. The VFW Family Support packed 15 boxes and shipped them to Afghan-istan for our troops. They have received it before Halloween thanks to the community.
We are now starting a shipment to be sent for Christmas. Anyone wanting to participate may drop items off at the VFW Post, 11535 Highway 315, west of Water Valley.
Also, everyone is invited to attend our meetings. If you know a service member’s immediate family that needs help please contact us at the post phone (662) 473-4456 or Cell (662) 578-1544.

/s/ Commander Sam Phillips.

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