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Letter To The Editor – Nov. 8, 2012

Writer Hopes To Someday See Competitive Gas Prices

Dear Editor:
  I was surprised to read Jim Allen’s letter in last week’s Herald. I’ll bet my surviving team mates and competitors were also surprised because the truth is I had teammates and competitors on every team we played who were better athletes than I was. Nonetheless, it’s better to get compliments than criticisms, so thanks, Jim.
  As for the gas prices, I hope we’ll someday see competitive prices in Water Valley.
    Evolution, I believe, is the pseudoscientific theory that has brought on the country’s change from a Biblical worldview to the pathway we’re following now to total paganistic athusm. The young, in particular, need to know that Darwinian evolution is not a valid proven science in any respect. They need to be grounded in the faith or they will be indoctrinated quickly in schools of higher learning into belief in Darwinism.
  /s/Joe Lowe

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