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Letters To Editor – Nov. 15, 2012

Stop Letting Your Pets Run Loose In The Neighborhood

I would just like to comment on the article in last week’s paper discussing the possibility of a dog ordinance for Yalobusha County. I do believe there needs to be some sort of ordinance, not only to protect the citizens of the county, but also to protect the dogs themselves.
I am a dog owner and my dog is a Rottweiler, which weighs 110 pounds. He has never bitten anyone, or attacked any pets in my area. I choose to put him on a cable when he is outside, but that is for his protection.
To many people these days see a dog and assume the worst. They want to shoot first and then ask questions. My dog is a big baby, but I do know that if it came down to it he would protect my home. Everyone in my neighborhood knows that my dog stays on that cable and never, at any point, is he outside without some sort of restraint attached to him.
If everyone took these actions there would be no need for an ordinance. Any dog can be “vicious” depending on how they are raised. Pets are like children, they are a product of their raising. Our prison system is slap full of people with lack of home training as a child. If you ask them why they turned out the way they did, 85% of them will blame their childhood.
We, as pet owners, are expected to raise our pets as we did our children. I know of some Pit Bulls that are big babies, but on the other hand I also know some Rat Terriers that will eat you alive. I say raise your pets to be loving, but also protective, and stop letting your pets run lose and reek havoc on the neighborhood. All you will accomplish is mess it up for the rest of the citizens who actually know how to raise pets that are great to get along with.
  Thanks for your time,
  /s/Bobby Goodwin

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